Fotoblech als Sichtschutz Fotoblech
patented technology

FOTOBLECH - Metal design with patterned perforated metal sheets

With FOTOBLECH you get your own perforated sheets, freely designed according to your specifications.
A software converts any photos in perforated plates with different sized holes. Our patented algorithm ensures a high quality presentation.
Designers and architects can also use our software online and let their creativity run wild.

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Examples of our perforated sheets

Lochblech Motiv-Lochblech Sichtschutz Fassade Aluminium Edelstahl Zaun Raumtrenner Kunstwerk Foto

Our patented process

Lochblech Patent

2013 received Lunova GmbH the patent.

FOTOBLECH Includes: Fine Checkered Pattern


Inside Out. Discover the versatility of Fotoblech! Our powerful tool allows you to create not only square, round, and triangular perforations, but also diamond-shaped ones.

The result? A sophisticated design that enhances any balcony. With Fotoblech, you can unleash your creativity and add perfect accents. Let yourself be inspired!

Image: Checks generated by the "Gradient" tool, with squares offset by 45 degrees, as Corten steel perforated sheet.

Ulm, Wohnen am Weinberg

Ulm Ulm Ulm

Railing and privacy screen

Square and triangular perforation with a downward vertical flow that is opaque.

FOTOBLECH Special: Sloping sheets at their best


Patterns in a new form. With Fotoblech, the rows and columns of the perforated sheets can be adapted to the outer shape - even if it is not rectangular. No matter whether it is a generated pattern from one of our pattern generators or a converted image template.
The hole sizes adapt to this as well. This makes it very easy to implement slopes in fences, sloping walls or perspective effects without the edges "fraying" or showing unwanted staircase effects.

Image, For comparison: With and without form fitting, Example of a angular lamp design (PDF)

Facade of the Dorotheum / Motel One in Graz

A reminiscence of the facade decoration of the building that originally stood on this site.

Transparent and decorative at the same time. A window frieze of a special kind.

Image 1, Image 2

Facade decoration

Pattern generator Hexagon


The hexagon pattern uses the natural 60 degree diagonals of a perforated sheet with staggered rows.

Different sized perforations combined with a variety of filters create delightful vibrant patterns.

Catalog page, image, image, PDF catalog

with gradient transparency

Fotoblech-Frame: China 1

China 01

Give your patterns a frame. Here you can see an example with the frame "China 1" (20.555).

The frames can be combined with all patterns, are fully parameterized in the desired frame thickness and spacing, and are compatible with all photo sheet filters.


Wien, Charasgasse

Wien Ornament Wien Wien

FOTOBLECH - Ornaments

Wrought iron railings reinterpreted. A modern-surface design with reminiscence on Viennese building traditions.

New function: Selective probabilities

dynamische Wahrscheinlichkeit dynamische Wahrscheinlichkeit

Dynamically controlled perforation probability

If needed, we can control the probability of punching a hole or not depending on the potential hole size.

Small holes tend not to be punched. Large holes are more likely.

This results in a reduction of the number of punched holes by approx. 50% with a high contrast of the image at the same time.

Privacy screen in the entrance area

Especially in the entrance area, a privacy screen is often required that does not completely isolate, but allows to see what is going on outside.
As here, photo sheets can be used to set accents and make statements. Functional and aesthetic at the same time.

Picture 1, Picture 2, Implementation: Dermet SLT OÜ

Tartu, Estonia

Figures of the fire brigade (Kollerschlag, Austria)

Kollerschlag Kollerschlag

Artist: Otto Saxinger
Owner: Freiwillige Feuerwehr Kollerschlag
Implementation: Brüder Resch Hoch- u. Tiefbau

Double-shell curved and interconnected elements create a lively motif that offers different impressions depending on the viewing direction. The contours of the free-standing figures were lasered. Figures at night

FOTOBLECH - Coarse perforation with fine transitions

Wien Zaun
Captivating coarse perforation with a strongly reduced leaf motif. The basically only 2 hole sizes (8 and 20mm) emphasise the contrast. When looking at it, the eyes are tempted to search for the optical connecting lines between the balconies.

Sharp transitions. The transitions between the hole sizes are calculated in such a way that they appear sharp and there are no steps in the slopes.

Project number: 210520-01

Vienna, Brigittenau

Our pattern generator pulls the stripes: stripes


Stripe pattern with tiles of random horizontal or vertical alignment in which individual areas visually merge into a conglomerate.

The tile sizes and their spacing are freely selectable.

Catalog page, image, image, PDF catalog

Exemplary: Stripes

FOTOBLECH-Balconies in Vienna Liesing, Eschenpark

Wien Wien

Floral pattern. An abstract floral pattern cascades over all parts so that the pattern runs continuously. Due to the pattern arrangement, different high railings form a uniform image.

Optimum transparency. By sampling on a scale of 1:1, the optimum transparency can be determined in advance. This can be controlled almost arbitrarily and is usually between 20 and 25%.

Picture 3, Picture 4, Picture 5, Picture 6

FOTOBLECH Special: Photo sheets with frame


Give your photo sheets a frame. A range of different frame shapes give visual support to the content. The frame shape supports the desired expression, for example as a picture or fence panel.
The sheets themselves provide the frame for the sheets. The visually reduced evenness is maintained and not interrupted by uprights or substructures.

Example 1: Coten steel with "Gradient" pattern, jitter effect and frame "balcony01"
Example 2: Galvanised steel with floral pattern and "Balcony02" frame with vertical struts

FOTOBLECH-Railing in Vienna 22, Baranygasse

Wien Wien

Generated pattern. A balcony railing from our "White Noise" pattern generator. The square perforation runs in straight rows with only one hole size with a probability of 60%.

Made-to-measure unique items. All railing fields are calculated individually and the perforation fits exactly into the specified dimensions. Although the fields are of different lengths in detail, the overall picture is homogeneous.

Motif collection: floral foliage


Floral motifs are very popular with us. That is why we have put together 10 floral foliage motifs in a catalog.
With similar transparency and hole density, they are easy to compare. All motifs on an area of 3 * 2m.

Motif PDF floral foliage (23MB)

Floral motifs also for inside:
Foliage example

Our catalogs: Generated patterns and FOTOBLECH references

Catalog 1 Catalog 2

Find of the day

Transparency as desired


The transparency of the sheets can be controlled as desired.
Balcony railings are very typical here: In the lower area it should usually be denser than above.

We can control the transparency of the surface, whether from a photo template or generated by our pattern generator, see photos.
Our software also calculates the free area for each photo sheet.

Vertical gradient

Facade of the town hall in Meschede

After the renovation, the Meschede town hall reopened its extensive cultural operations at the end of 2018.

The facade was clad with Fotoblech, which show an abstract wave-shaped pattern with rough perforations.

With the kind permission of Henke AG. Catalog

Facade structure

It doesn't always have to be "just" a Fotoblech...


The results of our pattern generators can not only be used for photo sheets. Numerous providers use the motifs for a wide variety of purposes: Photo pillows, puzzles, towels, T-shirts and much more.

The output format PDF 1: 1 supports you optimally.
Here is the Pattern generator

Example motif:
Blätterwerk Beispiel

Railing motif from the perforated sheet pattern generator

Klagenfurt Geländer Klagenfurt Geländer
Abstract pattern generated with the pattern generator
"Tile 3".

Pattern image

Railing in Klagenfurt

Freely selectable line spacing

Freie Zeilenabstände

Normally, the line spacing results automatically from the selected hole spacing.

Now the distances can be freely selected and great effects can be achieved, as can be seen here in examples in combination with the "Jitter" function.
Pictures: Example 1, Example 2

with Jitter
mit Jitter

Pattern Hook: Creating hooks with FOTOBLECH


The pattern 'Hook' is characterized by geometric shapes at a 45-degree angle, formed by interconnected hook-like chains with irregular hole sizes. The design can be either sculptural and space-defining or abstract, depending on the configuration.

Catalogue page, Image, Pattern Hook Filtered, PDF-Catalog

Pattern Hook by example

fit2pattern: What doesn't fit - is made to fit ...

fit2pattern fit2pattern

Usually, repeating patterns do not fit exactly on the given area. With the fit2pattern function, however, we can adapt the patterns exactly in both directions. The drawn areas and lines remain sharply outlined.

Images: without fit2pattern, with fit2pattern

Running Dog: A classic

Running Dog

Basic form of the classic meander, mostly from Friesian, from ancient Greece.

An orthogonal ornament that reminds of river loops.

Catalog page, image, image, PDF catalog

Pattern Running Dog filtered
Running Dog

Pattern raindrops


A vertically oriented stripe pattern that is reminiscent of raindrops. With randomly long drip lengths and diameters

Of course, fully parameterized and combinable with all filters.

Catalog page, image, image, PDF catalog

Raindrops with a difference

Square Kufi: Calligraphy as a pattern

Square Kufi

Random patterns are generated based on one of the oldest calligraphic forms of Arabic script.

Distributed in a grid of any size, these "writing plates" create a harmonious surface.

Catalog page, image, image, PDF catalog

Square Kufi rudimentary
Square Kufi

Forest motif as a railing and box house cladding

Dresden Stairwell cladding Dresden Balconies
House numbers and logos can be optimally integrated into the FOTOBLECH motifs.

Floral motif in Dresden

Dancing holes: our filter "Jitter".

without Jitter with Jitter

With our filter "Jitter" we let the holes dance around the original position. See here on the left without and with filter.

Jitter function detail view
Jitter Detail

Up and down with our pattern generator: Up and Down

Strings Up and Down

Randomly meshed pattern with rectangular areas that emerge from or press into the layer.

The picture shows the combination with the special filter "Jitter". Usually the holes are lined up. Not so with this filter ...

Catalog page, image, image, PDF catalog

pattern: Up and Down
Muster Up and Down

Pearl necklaces as a pattern: Strings

Strings pattern

Beaded pattern in various lengths and sizes.

A horizontally aligned pattern, in which the web widths can be minimal, because the pattern always alternates between two different hole sizes.

Catalog page, image, image, PDF catalog

Pattern generator Strings
Strings pattern

Blades of grass as a railing motif: Opaque in the right places

Achern balconies Achern balconies
Floral blade of grass as a subtle privacy screen, especially in the lower area of the balcony railing.

Railings in Achern

Pattern generator IKO - chain links

IKO pattern

Pattern with a chain-like structure and random hole sizes.

A geometric pattern that takes special account of the transition from one tile to another.

Catalog page, image, image, PDF catalog

An IKO variant
IKO pattern

FOTOBLECH as a railing and stairwell cladding

Biberach balconies Biberach balconies
Intense colored accents with photo sheets in a floral motif on railings and facades.

railing / Biberach

Pattern generator Comfort Line - meshed networks

Comfort Line

Random columns and row hole sizes are combined and spun into a network.

Reminiscent of fabric with almost endless possibilities of variation and levels of abstraction.

Catalog page, image, image, PDF catalog

Comfort Line abstract
Comfort Line abstrakt

FOTOBLECH with Domico system facade

Neue Spinnerei 1 Neue Spinnerei 2
Event center with wall cladding from the Domico cassette system.

Catalog page

Neue Spinnerei / Traun
Neue Spinner außen

ABC-Text pattern with hidden messages


The texture in the truest sense of the word: ABC pattern generator.

A random sequence of letters with hidden messages. Fully parameterized and combinable with various filters.

Catalog page, image, image, PDF catalog

ABC-Filtered pattern

Gradient pattern: Gradient hole sizes with decorative gaps


A very flexible basic texture generator.

Smooth hole sizes are combined with the same probabilities of punching.

Catalog page, image, image, PDF catalog

Filtered gradient patterns
Gradient with filter

White noise: the basic pattern with many possibilities

white noise

Like every pattern of our pattern generator, the basic form "White Noise" can be completely parameterized and thus achieve a wide variety of effects.

This includes, for example, the division into tiles, invert, filter ...
Catalog page, image, image, PDF catalog

Inverted with "blank" digits:
white noise invert

Creative design ideas with perforated plates

Perforated sheets offer many original, high quality decorative possibilities for the design of facades and privacy protection for indoor and outdoor use. With FOTOBLECH you give a building expression. Functions of the components are visible.

Here are some examples of the scope of FOTOBLECH

  • Perforated sheets in facade design
    An aluminum facade wins with a perforated metal punching on appeal.
  • Perforated sheets for the fence design
    A fence made of perforated metal elements is not only weather resistant and provides the desired privacy,
    but also has a highly decorative.
  • Perforated plates made of stainless steelas a screen:
    Stainless steel blinds with metal stampings in decorative patterns or with stamped lettering can be customized and is a real eye-catcher.


in Gallneukirchen
(3mm anodized aluminum)
in Passau
(2mm Corten steel)
in Linz