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FOTOBLECH - pictures

Wall covering Strolz Skiservice (Lech am Arlberg, Austria)

Referenz Strolz Skiservice total Referenz Strolz Skiservice Detail

Architect: Kitzmüller Architektur ZT GmbH
Design: Anja Peter, J. Armellini Design GmbH
Material: Aluminum 2mm, powdercoated

Wall covering of the ski depot in the second basement of the Strolz ski service building right in the center of Lech am Arlberg.

A special feature here are the numerous integrated doors to adjoining rooms and storage areas.

FOTOBLECH as a wedding gift


Not sure what to give to the bridal pair? What about a portrait of FOTOBLECH? This kind of gift would make a special impression.

We recommend a minimum size of A2 (59 * 42cm). Or even bigger, for example, 70 * 100cm. The image can be ordered frameless, with canted and welded edges or with passepartout. You just send us your photo and we will send back a preview including the price.

Then the portrait is stamped on 1.5 mm thick aluminum and will be powder coated. On request, we edge the borders by about 2cm and seal the edges. The result is a picture with a frame that can be easily hung on the wall.

Wall covering of the Elbphilharmonie (Hamburg, Germany)

Referenz Elbphilharmonie total Referenz Elbphilharmonie Detail

Architect: Marco Smith, formwaende
Implementation: Hinsche GastroBau
Material: 2mm steel, powdercoated

The wall cladding of the restaurant Deck & Deli Störtebeker on the 8th floor in the plaza of the Elbphilharmonie.

The Fotoblech is thereby homogeneously backlit in a large area.

FOTOBLECH as Portrait with passe-partout

Weißer Rand

For portraits we often use FOTOBLECH. Behind the perforated sheet another white plate is mounted, which is slightly larger and frames the image as a kind of mat. This example clearly shows that the background is always beeing considered.

On the left you can see a portrait, which we presented on the competition "120 seconds", among other examples. The judges loved it and so we won the first prize.

Many people believe that the image was painted on or behind the perforated sheet. But only the different-sized holes produce this effect.

Ventilation grid Sky Tower (Vienna, Österreich)

Referenz Sky Tower Referenz Sky Tower Detail

Architekt Podsedensek ZT
Implementation: Scheiner Blechtechnik GmbH
Material: Aluminum 2mm, powdercoated

Exhaust vents for the staircase with extremely large free area >50%. The background with maintenance door is lit.

The motifs - known buildings in Vienna - give the residents orientation in which of the 18 floor buildings they are located.

Pictures of FOTOBLECH


You want your own picture from FOTOBLECH?

Send us your and we will prepare it optimally for you. A preview is out of charge!

The images are punched, folded over, sealed and coated as desired.

On the whole FOTOBLECH act better the bigger they are. We recommend at least A1 (59*82cm) better 100*70cm. You can choose the size of your panel up to 125*300cm. Bigger sizes are connected by some single panels.

1.8.2014: Kleine Zeitung


Frame types


With FOTOBLECH as a picture you can choose from three different types of frames:

- Unperforated edge
- Edged border with welded corners = metal frame
- White border and background from 2mm aluminum = Passepartout (see photo)

Portraits in Loch und Bild!


Volkshaus Keferfeld-Oed in Linz we presented luminous portraits FOTOBLECH.