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Facade of the Dorotheum / Motel One in Graz

A reminiscence of the facade decoration of the building that originally stood on this site.

Transparent and decorative at the same time. A window frieze of a special kind.

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Facade decoration

Ventilation grid Sky Tower (Vienna, Österreich)

Referenz Sky Tower Referenz Sky Tower Detail

Architekt Podsedensek ZT
Implementation: Scheiner Blechtechnik GmbH
Material: Aluminum 2mm, powdercoated

Exhaust vents for the staircase with extremely large free area >50%. The background with maintenance door is lit.

The motifs - known buildings in Vienna - give the residents orientation in which of the 18 floor buildings they are located.

Cover with sliding doors

Abdeckung Abdeckung

FOTOBLECHE mounted in lockable sliding door frames.
Implementation: Scheiner Blechtechnik GmbH
Material: 1,5mm Galvanized steel, powdercoated

In this example, an opaque background offers protection against
too much insight. This shows the motifs more clearly.

Privacy (Hamberg, Austria)

Referenz 5 Referenz 5b

Planning: Private, Lunova GmbH
Implementation: Private
Material: 2mm aluminium powdercoated

An arcuate privacy of all balconies of a private house. Playing with shadows on the wall of the house. In part, 2-shell and a combination of two patterns. The design hides blind boxes and holders of the railing.

Subtle ventilation outlets made of FOTOBLECH

Abdeckung Abdeckung

FOTOBLECH ventilation outlets can be found in Munich at the Paulaner brewery. They are stylish and unobtrusive at the same time.

Whenever we generate FOTOBLECHS, the respective free areas are also calculated. This is how we can guarantee the minimum opening, especially for ventilation grilles.

FOTOBLECH as radiator cover


FOTOBLECH is also predestined for the interior. For example, as a cover for radiators. Let's be honest: Many radiators are no a design pattern piece! FOTOBLECH can hide these "eyesores" easily.

Due to the massive amount of holes air can circulate. The FOTOBLECH can bevelling on the edges so that they can be put over the radiator without further attachment.

Here in this example we see a stainless steel panel with wooden frame. Here, the radiator was coated black. Thus a very strong contrast between the holes and surface is created.